union hill baptist church


We believe in the Great Commission and sharing Jesus here, there and over there.  Missions are a big part of our heart, whether that be in our community or overseas.  We are grateful to have a giving, supportive church!

we partner with

TheVine.co and

calvary church in canaan, haiti

Yearly, we take a trip to serve in Canaan, Haiti.  The people there need the hope only Jesus can give.  We are grateful to partner along side TheVine.co to help Calvary Church and other Haitian ministries reach their part of the mountain for Christ.

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For free-trade, genuine Haitian goodies that help support women and children:

Papillion Marketplace

We are a part of

The southern baptist convention

oklahoma baptists AND the cooperatvie program

What is the Cooperative Program?

It’s an incredible way to support the advancement of the gospel all over the world.  The Cooperative Program gives every SBC church of every size the opportunity to collectively fund a variety of global missions/ministries.

How does the CP work?

Our church gives a percentage of undesignated receipts to the CP (and an additional percentage to our association). For ease of the math, Let's use 10%. If you give $10 to our church we give $1 to the CP. Here’s the amazing journey of that dollar bill:

The $1 is sent to our OK state convention. Our state keeps 42 cents of that dollar for its ministries (Falls Creek/Cross Timbers, Church planting, etc) and gives 15 cents to state affiliates (about 10 cents to OBU, remainder to Childrens’ Home, Retirement Villages, WatersEdge Fin. Services). The state then sends the remaining 43 cents to the SBC (other SBC state conventions have similar allocations).

The SBC sends 21.5 cents of that 43 cents to the International Mission Board and about 10 cents to the North American Mission Board. About 9 cents are divided out to our six SBC seminaries and the remaining few cents are sent to the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and to cover the operations of the SBC Exec. Comm.

It’s amazing that a $10 bill in the offering plate can support in some way so many ministries!

This is one reason we are involved in and support the SBC- to impact the world with the gospel.