union hill baptist church

young adults

Sometimes after high school or college it's hard to connect.  Our awesome young adult group will help you through these sometimes strange, but most of the time great, times! 



Music is such a God given gift to all of us.  We want to help you use your gifts to honor our Savior!  If you play an instrument or love to sing, you are welcome to join our choir anytime.

union hill baptist church

senior adults

We learn so much from our senior adults and they love their community together!  From outings and lunches, to classes and more, they are ready to welcome you.

Every month we enjoy fellowships, both couples and widows.

union hill baptist church


Our Women's Ministries are up and coming, but we will be offering support and encouragement in a variety of ways.  

Some of the things we focus on are:

-Weekly Bible Study

-Mentoring for one-on-one biblical study and growth

-Yearly retreat for spiritual refreshment and encouragement

-Women only Sunday School classes to develop community and friendships

-Special fellowship events throughout the year

-Staying connected for prayer as life happens every single day

union hill baptist church


Our Men's Ministry is up and coming...

But together we will focus on...